Heater malfunction in the workshop

I went to my workshop this past Saturday to work for a little while.  I have a photography studio I work in when I am not working full time.  When I got to the studio it was pretty cold inside.  I turned the thermostat up, but nothing happened.  I went to the small furnace and checked to see if the pilot was out.  I didn’t know why the pilot was out, so I called the HVAC Company to see if they could check it.  My husband was out of town for the weekend and I didn’t trust myself working with gas.  They said that the gas supply had gotten low so the pilot didn’t have enough gas to keep it lit.  They called the gas company and they had to dig up the entire front yard to fix it.  The pipe in the ground collapsed.  Once the gas company fixed the pipe the HVAC Company was able to get the furnace started again.  I was sort of scared when it happened because gas leaks scare me.  But, we were luck that they were able to fix everything so fast for us.  Our little furnace is much safer than older furnaces.  But, if the pilot goes out the gas can still leak in the house.  Our home furnace has an electric ignition and I love it.  I feel much safer knowing if we had an issue with a gas leak that it wouldn’t affect the furnace on us besides not letting it heat up.  So once the heater was fixed I was able to open up my studio the next weekend. 

heat leak