Heater in a loop system

I’m not sure if you’ve been following the news as closely as I have. We are in the midst of spine-chilling times for sure; I try not to watch news too often because it is all fake. All the major news networks are just spouting lies and cannot be trusted at all. It can be tough to tune out all the awful information plus carry on as if the world makes sense right now; There is a lot to be wary of. The greatest problem is the availability of energy resources to residents who fall below the top percentile of wealth in our country. I entirely fear that we will not be able to power our air conditioning units in the near future. Our greatest problem is the availability of energy. That’s why I’ve been looking into transitioning my home HVAC system to be powered by natural resources. It turns out that it’s possible to have your entire heating and cooling system powered for free using mother nature as an energy source, rather than relying on the big electric companies at all times. That’s how I started looking into closed loop energy circuits for my own property. The method works by tapping into a natural underground water source. The energy is transferred your homes HVAC system and then it can heat plus cool the residence. It’s such a self-explanatory system, plus it erases the need for extravagant utility bills. I’ve had HVAC techs buzzing around my yard for days, searching for an underground energy source so our central heating and cooling can be independently powered. The savings on my air conditioning bill are going to be fantastic.