Healthy HVAC system

I have always very much enjoyed creating machinery with my bare hands. I have dedicated my entire life to creating technology that will benefit society, and I even got my oldest daughter into this mindset as well. I was so thrilled to finally have her decided on majoring in engineering when she went to college, and a few years later she came back to my shop and ever since we have been inventing things to change the world. In fact, our latest project to build a new heating and cooling system has been particularly exciting. We want to have their HVAC system entirely solar powered, with absolutely zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This is a major undertaking for anyone who is familiar with the designs of contemporary furnaces and air conditioners. Almost all models of HVAC systems are grossly inefficient and horrible for the environment. My daughter and I realize that converting out heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to renewable energy sources is going to be one of the defining problems that this generation has to solve. That is why we are so thrilled to be developing these efficient and environmentally healthy versions of HVAC systems, we realize that our work really is going to change the world someday! Of course, my daughter is a little overzealous about this project, she will often stay all night in order to create different HVAC system designs, comparing each to each other. I often have to urge her to remember to have a personal life, but she is just so gung-ho that these new HVAC systems are going to be her mark on the world and she is very excited to make it.

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