Hardcore ac device in the home

I was at a friend’s house yesterday, and let’s just say I’m fortunate that blankets exist. We had just had a great time at one of our favorite restaurants, and we were getting ready to head back to her place. Getting into the car along with her led me to think we had the same opinion on how cold the air should be. Both of us were quite content with a limited amount of A/C. Once we got back to her house, however, a much different story unfolded. Upon stepping through her door, I was immediately immersed in a room that was too cold for comfort. I could hear the HVAC system whir away as I went straight over to the couch to put one of my friend’s throw blankets over my thighs. As if that wasn’t a sign of being too cold, she turned on the light inside her living room, but it was wired to turn on the ceiling fan as well. On the plus side, I’m very happy that my friends are blessed with such a well functioning heating and cooling system. Honestly, it turned out not to affect the night a lot. In spite of the cooled air constantly breezing over the space, the blanket kept me perfectly content as far as temperature was concerned. Our round of games went very well, in spite of the cold air stealing some of my focus. Maybe this cold air kept me in tune enough to win, who could say?

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