Hair in my bathroom drain

As a parent, you just want to provide your children with the best possible living situation. First, this starts by having mom and dad on the same page as often as possible. It can be a very confusing household for a kid if the parents do not agree on most things. It sends a message of inconsistency and can really stunt the growth of a child’s development. Along with a cohesive home, the house itself must be prepared to raise children in as well. If your home is falling apart or there are several things wrong with it at any given time, the child might feel unsafe while home, which is never a good thing. To keep my house in decent shape, I enlisted the help of a great plumber. With my wife and two daughters, there is always hair in the shower drains. It’s not their fault, it just happens. That hair can really clog up the bathroom plumbing at times, though, which is frustrating as a homeowner. My plumber comes over on scheduled visits two times per year to unclog all the bathroom drains and make sure everything is ready to go. I really enjoy having home in my home because it makes me feel like my house is in good hands. I will continue to use him for many years to come, or at least until my daughters are fully grown and left the house. I will miss them but not their long, curly hair! Does that sound bad? Oh well!

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