Gym Shower Air Conditioners

I live in the heart of a big city. I have an intense job that some days requires at least twelve hours of me. I have to find ways to condense my days and still take care of myself. So, I get up an extra hour early at 4 am and I go to the gym. I know that sounds crazy, but I really do feel better if I can get my workout and self care in before a very long day. The beauty of this plan is that they have an awesome air conditioned shower room so that I can easily prepare for work and leave with no one ever being the wiser that I came from work that morning. Well, it was just a typical morning this week. I started my workout and for no particular reason, I noticed that there were not nearly as many people in the gym that morning. Many people at this gym did the same as I do going on to work afterwards. I quickly found out why when I was done on the treadmill! Apparently, the HVAC system had crashed the night before and there was no air conditioning in the shower and changing area this morning. I totally missed the sign before I started my workout. I was way too late to try and run home that I had to shower in the heat. I had a meeting in less than an hour and now I was frantic. How am I going to shower and not come out all sweaty with no air conditioning. I did my best, but it was not a pretty sight. I was drying my hair and my sweat simultaneously with the hair dryer. I looked a mess.