Giving out great HVAC

When I started our charity organization for children with stringy hair, I never expected it to grow plus blossom the way it has! When I was a little one running around the playground with our stringy hair, lacking volume, I was blissfully unaware of just how ugly it was, but kids don’t notice these sorts of things, but I made it our goal to make sure that all of them learn about the sad reality of those thin cobwebs their parents refer to as hair, then a few years back, the charity got national coverage plus I got very rich. My Heating plus Air Conditioning system is the most recent trophy plus proof of our success. You may be thinking there’s climate control in almost every condo these afternoons, what is this guy on? Well, our particular  heating plus cooling system that I just had installed with boat loads of charity money, is easily HVAC technology from the future, however that is to say, it is a prototype. The gas furnace plus air conditioner that make up our system are not available anywhere in stores. This climate control system won’t be hitting the market for a few more years. They still haven’t run the air conditioner portion of it through all of the mundane safety tests, but I’m not worried. This cooling system actually kicks when you put it on full blast. My hair may be stringy, but it sure feels enjoyable when our Heating plus Air Conditioning system is pumping out fresh air!

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