Garbage pickups

Every day when I turn on the news, there is flash flooding somewhere in the states. I know in the northeastern region of the country where I live, we experienced one of many wettest summers on record! Just last week, we got over 4 inches of weather in 2 hours and there was clearly nowhere for it to travel but into people’s basements. Even brought on by homes that never flood, actually experienced water and there are piles of furniture, carpeting and also appliances on the side of the road for garbage pickup. Trying to clean up the water and mud that is entered people’s homes is a huge nightmare. I work as a service technician in a local heating and cooling company and part of the problem tough flooding is the fact this people’s furnaces are normally located in the basement were covered in water. Many of these systems are beyond repair and also the waiting list for appointments gets very lengthy. I am just thankful that the happened in the summer and not during the biggest market of winter when people depend on the furnace as a good heat source. We are ordering the systems as fast even as we can and we are also in the process of working with several insurers for payment. Although the overtime can be nice, I would rather be spending my time with my family during the summer then in people’s wet basements trying to either fix or replace their heating and cooling systems. I just hope we don’t get any more storms like the one we just experienced.

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