Furnace and plumbing equipment

I will be always be very busy at my job. I am constantly taking care of people. I run everywhere to obtain items and food. When I come home I love to relax and I usually go to sleep right away. I am constantly very exhausted. Last winter was very stressful in my opinion. I came home from work to notice that my house seemed cold. I never turn off my heat once I leave. I always want my house to be warm. I was too tired to care that night so I went to bed as I usually do. When I awoke the next morning, I noticed something. My basement was flooding with water. I called the plumber right away. He came to my house and explained I had a pipe break open. He told me to turn the heat on. It will help unfreeze the pipes. I needed to in order to avoid another pipe from bursting. I realized I could not get the heat to turn on. I also had to call my HVAC technician. He located my home and looked at my system. He noticed my furnace was having igniter issues. He could tell by the flood in my basement that there was an issue. He fixed the furnace and the heat started to run once more. I called off of work that day. I had to be sure no other pipes would break. I ran warm water through the pipes to keep them from freezing. I should not have ignored the problem of my heater that nighttime. I could have saved a lot of cash. I need the heater simply for myself. I also need the warmth for my plumbing. I will always take that into consideration from now on.

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