Found dog-he stays inside since it is cheaper with HVAC

I have a five year old son that really likes animals. I have always despised animals and refuse to own a pet. I do not know how his love of animals happend but I have tried to discourage it. Nevertheless, whenever he spots a cat or dog he bursts with excitement. The other day my son found an abandoned dog near our house. The dog was huge, old and smelly. My son cried and begged me to keep the dog in the house, so, as a loving mother, I got it washed, watered and fed. I looked for a home for the dog, but I found one way too late. My son is attached now and has named the dog Sam. Sam apparently is now here to stay. I think my son would really freak out if I tried to give Sam to someone else. Now I have to decide if he is an indoor or outdoor dog; I would really prefer to keep him outside though. This would work great in the summer but in the winter what would I do for heating? My garage is not heated, I would have to add a heater to it. I would need to buy at the very least three space heaters. Or I could invest in radiant flooring to warm the cars and the dog. I honestly think it would be cheaper to keep the dog inside. That way our heating and cooling costs would be the same. The dog would just be another person to benefit from my superior HVAC system. That problem is that I don’t want a huge, gross dog inside of my home.

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