Football and cooling

Yesterday, I hosted a football party at my home. We invited every teenager in our church youth group over to the house, and we ate pizza and watched football for hours on end. We literally did nothing else except watch football and eat pizza. We had an amazing time together with the kids in the youth class, and I am already anxious about hosting our next football event. The only issue is that it was way too hot in my home, as the body heat from all of the people kept causing the temperature to elevate. Apparently, the air conditioning system could not maintain the added heat, and that eventually just stopped trying altogether. By the time the get together ended, the temperature in my house was seventy-eight degrees. This was completely unacceptable, as the thermostat was set not to ever exceed sixty-seven degrees. The lack of cold air was also unbearable because most of the young people had been playing football outside earlier that afternoon and did not smell very well. After the party was coming to a close, I turned the air conditioning unit off for a couple of hours. I figured that the A/C unit needed to be able to recover before attempting to turn it to its usual setting. When I hesitantly turned the air conditioning system back on, our house quickly cooled back off to its usual temperature. The next time we host the party, I am going to purchase some industrial fans to help the cool air to circulate. If that doesn’t change anything, I may just move the party outside so as to preserve my air conditioning indoors.

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