Fixing up the ACs

It was once a fact that I was a handyman the town I am from. I did a lot of around the home type work, mostly, but I, also, painted, did carpentry, handled garden work, fixed small engines, and even more. Times were different back then, when a man could spend so much time working and get paid without ever being an integral part of the system. My work was hard, and my customers paid us in cash, and that was how it was in those days. As technology advanced I found there were a lot more jobs I was not experienced enough to handle. Elements involving computers and programming, like the heating and cooling systems of the modern day. I wasn’t entirely inexperienced with HVAC machinery. Consistently, I tinkered with the traditional style box air conditioners that fit inside your window sill. In fact I still have about ten of the old A/C units stored in my shed. In my way, I got fairly good at A/C repair. But that is then, and in this day and age an HVAC system seems so advanced that I would most likely not understand the  directions. New model cooling systems usually are almost completely computerized. The thermostat has extensive wiring, and usually a wifi adaptor constructed into it, as well as various automatic sensors to monitor the quality of the indoor air. These things really are an air purifier system, a carbon monoxide and smoke detector, and a heating and cooling system all together! I guess these solid old A/C units just can’t measure up to modern tools, but on the other hand, they are capable of running off a generator. I’d like to see an HVAC system make that work.

AC system