Fixing HVAC problems

When I was a teenager, I worked at a local market in the summer. It was housed in an old concrete building and had been around for decades already. There was no air conditioning or temperature control in the main part of the store, but for the most part I was stationed in the ice cream room. There was a big industrial freezer in there, waist-high, that could fit about ten different wells of hard ice cream inside. On a busy day, I would end up covered in sticky smears of ice cream up to my elbows. It was a pretty nice job, especially considering that I got to relax in the air conditioning while the rest of the workers had to suffer through the heat. The last summer I worked there, however, the air conditioning unit gave out. We had hit record highs, and in between closing one night and opening the next morning, the unit had sprung a leak. The ice cream freezer could barely keep up without the atmospheric chill. Barely an hour into my shift, I was covered in melted ice cream and sweat. Thankfully, my boss called an HVAC technician in before noon, and they showed up to try and fix the problem. The A/C repair took forever, since they couldn’t find the problem, but finally they realized that the air purifier had slipped and gotten jammed halfway out. Once they found that, the repair went smoothly, and in no time the thermostat went back down to comfortable levels. I worked there for a few more months before I moved away, but the HVAC equipment never failed again.home comfort system