First app was for smart thermostat

I’m not very good with technology and try to avoid it. I don’t use social media and won’t even talk about Facebook. I don’t have a nice TV and I just got a smartphone recently because my old flip phone finally broke after 12 years. Learning new technology is too difficult and it kind of scares me. So when my brother bought me a “smart” thermostat for my birthday, I was needless to say, overwhelmed. I wanted him to return it, but he made me promise to try it for a week before I returned it to the store. I was uncertain, but agreed provided that he helped me install this thing to my HVAC system and showed me ways to use it with my new phone.That way I could change my air conditioner and heater while I was out of the house. To be honest, it was the first app I have ever used on the phone. Thankfully, the smart thermostat app was very user friendly once my brother helped me get it up and running. I decided to track my energy usage over the trial week with the thermostat. The difference was truly astounding. I didn’t have to use my heater while I was faraway from the house, so I  saved a lot on my energy bills! I also didn’t notice any difference in my household temperature because I could turn the heater on while I was on my way home from work. Technology still scares me, but I like that sometimes it can help me save money. I wonder what else is available for my HVAC system.

smart thermostat