Finding a heating system

I was looking around online yesterday. I have decided that I want to purchase a heating system. The issue is that I do not know what heating system to get. There are so many options in the heating field. There are two kinds of furnaces. Gas and electric furnaces are common for the home. Gas furnaces require gas hookups and a flue being installed. Gas furnaces are said to be quite cheap and easy to work. However a gas furnace can be a fire hazard and a safety issue. When damaged a gas furnace will released carbon monoxide. Electric furnaces are more expensive but are energy efficient. With electric you are using all the energy you are paying for. Also electric furnaces are not as difficult to install. Boilers are more energy efficient than furnaces. However the initial price of a boiler is rather shocking. Boilers are a lot of money. Also boilers are quite large and unattractive. Boilers can heat an entire building or even a small home. Boilers can heat large quantities and can eventually save you money. The issue is that I am only a teacher. I do not have a lot of money. A less expensive system is a heat pump. This system is a indoor and outdoor unit. How the system works is moving heat energy. Also for cool air the air is cooled by refrigerant through a compressor. You decide what temperature you want your home. Then have the heat energy move to either the indoor or outdoor unit. Research only goes so far. I think I will contacted my HVAC technician and have him assist me.

heating system