Finding a good fireplace

Camping is my favorite thing to do, even during the wintertime. I love spending a few days in a secluded cabin, with the sounds of birds and snow falling from the trees. The best cabin that I have ever stayed in comes equipped with a gigantic fireplace, located directly in the living room area. Since I found that cabin, I have been renting the same one for years, just because I love having a fireplace. I load up a bunch of small logs into the back of my truck, so that I have tons of fuel for the fireplace. I keep the fire going all day, and I love ending my day by relaxing next to the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate and reading a good book. Unfortunately, I procrastinated on reserving the cabin, and when I called to request it, the cabin was actually already booked. I was a little bummed about staying in a different cabin, but I figured they would all be the same. When I entered my new cabin, I was really annoyed to see that there was no fireplace at all! Instead of a fireplace, there was a thermostat on the wall that controlled the furnace. It was disappointing to not have a roaring, crackling fire, but I figured that any heating unit was better than not having a heating unit at all. I made a couple of adjustments to the thermostat, but after about thirty minutes, it became clear that there wasn’t any heat coming from the air vents. Having a broken furnace actually worked in my favor, since the property management put me into another cabin, and I finally got my fireplace back!   

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