Finding a cabin with a fireplace

I love going camping, even during the winter. It’s so relaxing to be in a cabin in the middle of the woods, with trees and snow all around. My favorite cabin to stay at has a huge fireplace in the middle of the living room. I bring a ton of wood with me, and load up the fireplace so that it is running all day. The cabin is perfectly warm and toasty with the fireplace running, and I love relaxing in the evening and reading a book by the fireplace. This year, however, I didn’t make my reservation soon enough, and I had to stay in another cabin. I was so frustrated to see that there wasn’t a fireplace in this new cabin! I assumed that all the cabins in the area came with fireplaces, but I was wrong. It was already getting chilly, and I really needed to get the heat going. Once I found the thermostat, I immediately cranked it up as high as it would go. After half an hour, it didn’t feel as though the cabin was any warmed. I put my hands up to the air vents, and there was hardly any warm air blowing out of them at all! There was no way that I could stay in a cabin without heat, so I called the property management to request an HVAC repair. The technician arrived within the hour, but was unable to fix the furnace. I guess the furnace was so old that it needed to be completely replaced. As a result, I was moved to a new cabin, and thankfully, that cabin came equipped with a fireplace! In the end, having a broken furnace actually worked out really well for me.  

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