Kids don’t sit still well, that’s a fact. It used to drive my mother crazy how active we were. She went through a phase where she tried collecting little glass figurines which my brothers and I broke every last one accidentally of course. When trying to take family pictures it was next to impossible to keep us still for any length of time as one of us would fidget and another would poke a different brother. Church was possibly the worst in this regard. We were raised Catholic and expected to act a certain way in church. My parents were quick to anger with our fidgeting and probably embarrassed now that I’m older and think about it. What made it worse was the church we went to was never properly HVAC maintained. During the winter it would either be too cold and we’d fidget to stay warm or it would be too warm and we’d fidget because we were uncomfortable. We really didn’t even notice we were fidgeting but we did know we hated that heating and cooling situation. In the summer it was worse, because we knew what it was like outside and on top of being uncomfortable due to either the overworking air conditioning or the overbearing heat, we’d also want to be outside enjoying the weather. Other people didn’t mind, smiling at our family and saying we were cute kids. The preacher never seemed to notice our fidgeting either but then again he didn’t seem to notice his church being poorly heated or air conditioned either. Perhaps if the church was heated and air conditioned properly we wouldn’t have fidgeted anywhere near as much.

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