Fall heating service

As I sat on the school bus, I blankly watched the leaves fall from the tall trees. I knew fall had finally arrived, and the cold temperatures will soon follow. The days filled with beaches and sunshine were just a memory now. I walked off the bus and began my walk home. I kicked up the leaves in front of me, as if it gives me some sort of enjoyment. I begin to wonder about the months ahead, dreading the thought of thick clothing and hiding indoors. A cool gust of wind swept over me, only confirming my predictions to be true. Right as I began approaching my driveway, I then did notice a utility truck with HVAC printed on both driver’s doors. I quickly remembered that my mother told me that the HVAC technician’s would be doing an annual check and preparation for the cold months ahead. The HVAC technician’s cleaned the furnace, and all of the air ducts. A few times they came in the kitchen to check the thermostat, and they were very friendly! One of the HVAC technician’s explained to us how important it is to get these annual checks to prevent hazards, and repairs. The HVAC provider in our area has many technician’s, but we’re defiantly glad we got them! I felt warm air fill the room, and began to feel very grateful. Being stuck in a house all winter is bad enough, at least we don’t have to worry about hazards. Leaky ductwork also promotes high energy bills. Performing ductwork sealing probably saved us so much money this winter season.