Exterior HVAC equipment

My father is a very coarse person. He never shows much emotion, but he voices his displeasure with things in my life all the time. It pisses me off sometimes because he just finds ways to be negative even when I am just trying to be happy. The best example I can think of happened just a few days ago. I had invited my parents over for dinner and to see the new back deck I had built. I was very excited to show them the new addition on the back of my house. I had even planted colorful shrubs and flowers around the deck as well. When my parents finally arrived, I walked them back to the deck. The first thing my dad said was that the exterior HVAC unit detracted from everything else. Instead of just telling me I did a good job on everything, he picked the one thing he did not like and made a comment about it. I was furious. Just to appease him, I told him I would have the unit covered up. I would have to be careful not to impede the airflow of the exterior unit, though, because my air conditioner needs the necessary air to function properly. If it ever got clogged, my cooling equipment would surely suffer and I didn’t want that to happen. I just wish my dad wasn’t so negative and could appreciate the time I took in creating this lovely backyard. Oh well, I suppose you just can’t change some people and I believe my father is one of those types of people.

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