Energy audit

My grandmother called me the other day unsure of how to work her new iPad. My aunt’s bought her an iPad for her birthday last week. They showed her how to use it but she ultimately forgot. Since it was the weekday and all of my aunts were at work, I went over after my classes. She was so happy to see me. I showed her the steps on how to connect to the internet and where to search for things. I also showed her how to download apps if she wanted them. She asked me if I had to leave soon. I told her I wasn’t in a rush and could stay until dinner time. She mentioned that she had her HVAC technician coming to the house to look over her system because it needed replacing. I told her I could stay and explain to her what he was doing. When he arrived, he told my grandmother that he had to do an energy audit. Good thing I was there because she didn’t know what that meant. I explained to her than an energy audit is an inspection that determines the size and type of HVAC system that she needs. An audit allows the technician to determine if there’s any leakage in the ductwork, pressure imbalances caused by the ductwork, any air leakage, inadequate insulation and if there’s a radiant barrier that can help get rid of cooling requirements in warmer weather. These factors helped in the process of choosing the right HVAC system. I was happy to have helped my grandmother that day.

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