Embracing the HVAC

In my younger years I was very much into good health and ways of achieving it, particularly by natural means. I studied homeopathy pretty extensively. I tried to avoid taking the easy way out with things like vitamin supplements but rather would attempt to get everything I needed by way of my diet. My housemates and I did a fair amount of farming and were always making sure to keep physically active. Our house was big and old and was outfitted with only the bare essentials. In terms of utility bills, ours were almost non-existent. Nowadays things are a little different. I have caved on a few comforts, one of them being the top of the line HVAC system my wife and I currently have. Back in the day, we had plants all around the house to provide us with clean oxygen and filtered air. Now we still have plants but we let the HVAC do the work. I have never been happier with the indoor air quality. Sure it can be viewed as a luxury item, but realistically I do feel healthier having clean and comfortable air in the house. Our HVAC is also really energy efficient so the bills really are not that bad. Another thing I really like about our heating and cooling system is that we do not have to run it in the whole house. My wife likes the air conditioning on, but some days I would rather just open the windows. I have the ability to just keep it off in my study while it is running in other rooms, so I am not being wasteful.air quality