Electric HVAC options

Did you know there are HVAC units you can install yourself? Most people do not think they have the necessary skills in setting up a heating and cooling system. You can actually set up a few types of HVAC units with no problem at all. For cooling, a ductless mini split air conditioner is easy to install. All you need to do is drill a few holes in the wall. The holes are drilled and then you feed copper wires and refrigerant tubes through the wall. These items then are fed to the outdoor air compressor unit. The two units should be about fifty feet away from one another. That allows for easy and successful installation. For heating, electric radiant flooring is really easy to set up. Hydronic heating calls for a boiler system and tubing. The boiler heats water and then the water flows through tubes within your floorboards. Electric heating is electric mats that are fitted underneath the floorboards. It is a one day procedure that any homeowner can easily install. You might worry about thermostats for your units. Thermostats are not hard to set up. You need to mount them on the wall and then set them appropriately. A smart thermostat will eventually learn your heating and cooling behaviors and set your home for you. Just adjust the thermostat for a week and then it will do it all on its own. It really is quite easy to do. Think of the money you can save just doing it yourself for the installation. You also will ensure it is done right.

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