Easy ways to save on energy

I am always trying to cut down my heating costs during the winter. Every month when I get the bill I want to tear my hair out. I can’t seem to break myself of my desire for a house that is really warm. I don’t like having to put a blanket on my lap to warm up, I’ll just turn my thermostat up. One of the first things I tried to combat this issue was to start drinking whiskey. At first I hated it. I didn’t know what kind of whiskey to buy so I just bought the first cheap bottle I saw. I didn’t know that when it came to whiskey it really is true that you get what you pay for. A friend recommended a brand that he likes so I decided to give that a try. This actually worked quite well. I enjoyed the taste of this whiskey and I was able to turn my thermostat down a bit due to the warmth in my stomach. However, I couldn’t keep up this system all winter long. I had to find other alternatives to save money on my heating costs that didn’t involve buying expensive whiskey. With the whiskey drinking method I was actually losing money. I called my local HVAC technician to see if they had any advice. Because they are professionals they certainly did have advice for me. The first thing they recommended was that I make sure I change the air filters in my furnace every month so they don’t get clogged. Next, they scheduled me for a tuneup on my HVAC system. Both of these things helped cut my heating costs and now I can enjoy my occasional whiskey in piece.

energy saving tips