Ductwork installation in my house

After what feels to us like forever, my lesbian lover plus I are finally entering into the greatest time of our lives. Upon graduating from college, my lesbian lover plus I decided to “tie the knot” plus legally become domestic partners. In light of that decision, both of us resolved to move out of our ugly little house plus into a “brand new” cabin both of us could call own. Before both of us gals got to our special lovemaking sessions, both of us desired to get all of our air ducts completely sanitized. Although neither my lesbian lover nor I knew the section that well, our partner too the responsibility of ensuring our vision was put into action since she really had some experience with household matters. Far from wowing me, however, she really just turned to the local Money Pages free giveaway paper for ads on what both of us hoped were reputable ductwork cleaning companies. In the end, the corporation my lesbian lover opted to go with was “No Junk in Duct,” an organization touted as one that deals with all matters pertaining to air ducts, whether Heating plus A/C-related or not. Initially over the moon about being one step closer to getting our little lesbian love parlor squared away like both of us wanted, that feeling started to dissipate when the cleaning team never even bothered to show up! What’s more, our patience was really tested when the team showed up over three hours late on the rescheduled date. Finally, to top things off, not too long after the job being reportedly done to standard, our little lesbian lover plus I got seriously ill. To rectify the situation, the ductwork people came back out plus completed the work all over again, agreeing to give us a $100 credit for all the hassle both of us hat suffered through. It was at that point that both of us started to figure out that such a willing approach to keep customers happy must be how a ductwork company like that stays in business.

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