Duct Cleaning Importance

So, there are the basics home renting and ownership that I totally understand. It’s when you get into the little details, you lose me. I don’t have time for details. My life and job are one constant detail and the last thing I want is one more detail! That said, I tend to ignore things I may sense need attention, just because honestly, I don’t want to deal with it. There is a real danger to this line of action for something always gets lost in the process. My HVAC system crashed out and burned today. I mean, it took no prisoners! I didn’t have the first clue what the issue was and I knew I needed to call my local HVAC technician immediately before my house turned into an oven!  When he came out to the house he assessed all the air vents, the thermostat, and then checked out the air ducts as well. He looked at me with a stunned look and I knew something was up and I was in trouble. He asked if I had any maintenance done since I lived in the unit. No, being my answer he was floored, but trying to be kind. He said that my ductwork was completely clogged and congested and there was no air getting through hot or cold!  He asked if I had noticed, but I just assumed the temperatures I was experiencing were normal. He had to a total overhaul of the entire HVAC system and he made a plan with me to set up regular maintenance service checks. I learned my lesson that day.

ductwork cleaning