Dry air issues

I always have very dry skin and I got this from my mom. My mom also has very dry skin. Dry skin runs in my family. This causes my skin to become very itchy and irritated. The cold winter months are the worst time for this problem. Our whole family is not very fond of the winter time. We have to turn on the heater to stay warm just as everyone else does. Unfortunately, the heater dries out the house. The dry air in the house causes our skin to grow to be dry and itchy. There is less moisture in the air as there is in the summer. I do not have trouble with dry skin in the summer weather. I have not had a large problem with dry skin within the winter lately. We just bought a humidifier. We put this in the room where we all probably spend the most time. It has been worthwhile for our dry skin throughout the winter. My sister used to get frequent nose bleeds due to dry air. The humidifier has reduced how many nose bleeds she will normally get. We used to have to get tune ups more often because of the dry skin. There was more dust accumulation. We have cut down on how often we receive tune ups. The air filters aren’t getting as clogged now that there may be less dust. Simply by choosing to buy a humidifier we have saved money. We have also helped a number of the dry skin issues that we used to have. The air quality of our home has increased immensely. The winter is a much easier time now.

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