Dreams of big money

My family’s finances are distressed, to say the least. Every time I start to save money, an emergency arises and my bank account gets depleted. So, I’ve decided that someday I will win the lottery. Since I can’t afford to buy lottery tickets,they will come in a Christmas card from my Dad, or something like that. The main idea is that I will come into big money someday. I don’t have big plans to buy a big house. I’ll buy a house big enough for my family plus a guest room or two. My big plans involve an air conditioning and heating system. We currently live in the deep south. Summers can get unbearably hot and winters still get pretty cold. Right now, we depend on window air conditioning units for summer and floor space heaters for winter. My big dreams for my big money involve purchasing a geothermal heat pump to heat and cool the home I plan to buy or build. A geothermal heat pump uses the heat below the surface of the Earth to heat the home in winter, and returns the heat to the Earth when it cools the home during the summer. It is environmentally friendlier than other traditional air conditioning and heating systems, especially the ones we use now. It’s also easier on the electric bills, and will be even more so when I have the solar panels installed on the roof of the house I plan to buy or build with the big money I win. And, I can finally get rid of my window air conditioners and space heaters.