Downside of Electric Heating

I live in an older house right now. I have been renting it out for a couple of years with no problems. Since it is older, it doesn’t have the basic modern conveniences other houses have. There is no central heating and cooling unit for the house. I just use stationary fans and portable electric heaters. This has been working very well for me the last couple of years since the weather has been fairly mellow. But, with Climate Change becoming an issue I noticed that I am using my portable electric heater a lot more than usual. It is anything, but cost or energy efficient. It provides great heat in whatever room I find myself in, but at the end of the month it also provides me with a huge utility bill, too! The same problem has been happening in the summer with the rising temperatures and the need for me to get a portable window box air conditioning unit. The heat is just unbearable with the stationary fans alone. This wasn’t the original plan when I moved into the house and climate change wasn’t a big issue. I am really bummed that I am facing these rise in energy bills and I feel like my landlord should have to help out now or consider installing an HVAC system into the house. I called him up on the phone and talked to him for a long time about these problems. He decided to lower my rent by $100 a month. This definitely helps, but I am still stuck with a bad heating and cooling solution.

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