Dorm climates

My first year of college, I lived in the dorms. My experience was terrible for a lot of reasons. My roommate, Olivia, and I didn’t get along at all: she was loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate, and a slob. Her hair was always all over the floor. Our room was also really small – even inmates get bigger rooms! And, our windows had bars on the windows. Talk about a nightmare. To make things worse, I was on the third floor. The highest floor is always the worst in terms of heating and cooling. During the hot months, the heat rose up to my room, and the A/C on the first floor that kept the girls down there cool never reached us, so we were basically in a sauna all summer. The windows were too small to put in a window unit, so we had to make do with fans. In the winter, the furnace in the basement kept the first floor girls warm, but roasted us because, again, heat rises. Olivia and I had to use noisy fans all year along. I kept wishing for a thermostat in the room – it would’ve been great to have some control over our situation. But, our college doesn’t offer good heating and cooling services, and you have to suffer with forced air HVAC.

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