Don’t forget to check the furnace

Fall is the most beautiful time of year, it is also time to prepare for winter. I have seen first-hand what can happen during the frigid winter’s in our area, if the heat fails in your home. Last winter, during a cold snap, my elderly neighbor, Ms. Greenbaum, almost lost her life. Ms.Greenbaum lived alone and the temperature outside averaged 4 degrees. When the old woman stopped answering my phone calls, I decided to walk over and check on her. I knocked and shouted, before letting myself in. Ms. Greenbaum’s tiny house was ice cold and deadly silent. Why didn’t she have the furnace heat turned on? I continued calling her name, until I found her shivering on her bedroom floor, wrapped in layers of clothing and blankets. Ms.Greenbaum tried to speak, but her words came out too slurred to comprehend. I called 911. After unsuccessfully trying to turn on the furnace, it was apparent she had a faulty heating system. Imagining the little, old lady trying to warm herself in this freezing weather made my heart sink. The EMT said she had signs of hypothermia, as they laid a warming blanket over her. At least she would have plenty of heat in the hospital. I called her landlord to report the faulty equipment and went home to check on my own heating system. After assuring myself the my heat was actually working, I called a heating and air conditioning service provider to schedule a maintenance check. You can never be too careful in this frigid weather.heating