Doing simple maintenance on your heater

Each fall my family takes a trip to the south. We have found that it is a bit cheaper to go in the off season of summer, yet the weather there is still certainly warm. It is much nicer than the fall season we have in the north. We usually stay one week and then come home. This past year we went a little later than usual due to an unexpected death in the family. We arrived home after vacation to snow in the yard! Now, it has snowed in November before, that is not a surprise. But this year the snow came in September! We hadn’t even thought about our heater yet. We hadn’t even switched out of vacation mode and here we are trying to find an HVAC company to come do an inspection and cleaning on our furnace.Thankfully we’ve had heater repairs before. We know the absolute worst things to do, because we’ve done them all. You can’t just turn your heater on full blast when you first need to use it. Not only is this bad for the machine itself, but it’s also bad for your air quality. You will be breathing in dust for days. Second, it’s not ok to just bypass whatever your HVAC technician tells you. If you have a needed repair, it is essential to actually do the repair. If you try to cut corners and last through one last winter, you will end up with no heat. Third, you need to clean your equipment. Blocking of airflow with decrease the efficiency and air quality as well. If dust and dirt is trapped in your vents, then that is exactly what you will be breathing in and circling around your home. You need to be removing contaminants from the inside vents and the outside vents.

heater repair