Dinner with a broken air conditioner

I really appreciate the winter weather.  I look forward to fresh snow and a home filled with the smells of baking bread.  I love  the comfort provided by the furnace.  It keeps the house toasty warm. I was born in a northern state.  Later in life, I moved to a humid and hot southern area. In this part of the country, the air conditioner is an essential part of daily life.  Where I am located in the lower section of the the country, the weather conditions rarely get very cold. When it does turn chilly, the conditions are usually very windy, rainy, and stormy. I honestly prefer to head north for the winter months. I enjoy running the furnace and staying indoors.  Every winter, I rent a small home with a great heating system so that I can enjoy the snow and cold. I am aware that  these conditions require a properly operating furnace. To be comfortable, the house needs to be kept at just the right temperature. I like to look through a window, at the snow, while I am inside, all snug and warm.  The furnace also helps to prevent the water pipes from freezing and bursting.  Frozen pipes can quickly graduate into major damage in the home.  To keep everything running properly, I recommend servicing your furnace prior to the start of winter. An HVAC technician can identify any problematic areas in the home early on.  This helps to avoid  an expensive furnace repair in the future. Through the years, I’ve made sure to have both my air conditioner and furnace serviced by an HVAC contractor every year.