Dealing with intense weather

My entire life I have lived in areas that experience all four seasons.  While I prefer the warm weather of summer, I have grown to appreciate the winter.  There are many fun activities one can do to keep themselves busy in the winter months, personally I love spending time playing hockey, snowboarding and spending time outside playing in the snow with my young nieces and nephews.  The holidays too are a special time of year and in my opinion it just wouldn’t be the same without the cold and snow.  Spending a lot of the time in the elements however can take a toll on the body so I always looking forward to coming inside after a while and warming up in the comfort of my home.  Last winter I noticed early into winter that my heating unit was not working as I’d come to expect, my bills were higher and my house was not holding heat like it used to.  This was concerning as the weather was continuing to grow colder and more fierce.  The last thing I needed to worry about was being comfortable and safe in my own home.  I called my HVAC provider and they immediately sent over a licensed HVAC technician to look over my heater.  My heating system was a mere two years old so I was anxious to find out the problem.  The heating technician told me that the furnace igniter was not installed properly and that he just needed to replace it, a simple and easy fix that should restore everything back to normal.  He also examined the flame sensor to make sure that was in working order.  Now that my home is comfortable I can return to my favorite winter activities. air conditioner