I love the summer time. I really enjoy being outside and soaking up the sun and warm weather. However, the one thing that I cannot stand is humidity. The damp air bogs down on me and makes it hard to breathe or do anything. When it is very humid out, I begin to sweat uncontrollably and hate the feeling of the air being heavy. For this reason, I bought the best dehumidifier my air control provider had to offer. A dehumidifier helps to remove the moisture out of the air. This way, when I enter my home when it is humid out I have dry cool air to relax in. The only thing that I have to watch out for is maintaining the unit. If the coils inside of the dehumidifier are not cleaned then they will not collect the moisture properly. Also I need to make sure the unit is emptying the moisture as well. If the moisture becomes backed up then it will either break down or not take the water out of the air efficiently. My wife thinks I am paranoid but I check the unit every other day to make sure it is in working order. As much as I love being outside, the humidity will drive me to stay inside. My air control provider understood my struggles with the humidity and helped me out a lot. They installed the unit properly and come to tune it up right on schedule. I think everyone cannot stand the humidity as much as me but are too afraid to admit it.

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