Cooling installation for records

My good friend Eugene texted me a little while ago and asked me if I would be willing to collaborate with him on one of his recording projects. Eugene is pursuing a minor in audio technology, and he and an associate had an assignment due subsequently. The point of the project was to have an original recording sound like a recording from a past era. He asked if I would sing a classic rock tune of my choosing, and provide him with the original recording so he could work on it. I selected the song and we decided to meet up at a local recording studio to finish the project. When we reached the recording studio, I remarked that the air was really dry and it was difficult to breath. In addition, the air conditioning system was blasting in all directions. I was rather focused on my ability to sing well within this uncomfortable environment. I could tell that Eugene was also bothered by the amount of air conditioning in the studio. Eugene also knew I was worried so he took the initiative to take matters into his own hands. He went right straight to the thermostat and made the necessary adjustment. I knew he was wary of adjusting the humidifier, because some of the high-priced and sensitive recording equipment. He was, nonetheless, able to adjust the thermostat so the overall temperature in the studio was more comfortable. It was a very exciting recording session after that!