Coming home from the softball tournament

Ever since I was young, I have been playing sports. Like most kids, I played the summer youth soccer league up until I was passed the age limit for doing so, and after that I moved onto the minor league softball, and then major league. I was the star pitcher for my team, and we were undefeated for years. My parents obviously made me continue playing in middle school, and I started off on junior varsity in seventh grade and even played some varsity matches that year. I’m now a junior in high school and I still play, in fact, we just had a tournament the other day. It was a blast, but I always get so overheated while I’m playing. My favorite thing to do after a tough match is to lay in front of the air conditioner. In the car, I’ll blast cold air with the car’s cooling unit, only to run out of the car and straight inside and plop down by the vents. It’s very hard work to do softball, so I always work up quite a sweat. I would probably be very sad if I came home to find out that the air conditioner wasn’t working that day. However- lucky for me- that has never happened, and I hope it never will happen. I’m not sure yet whether or not I’ll be playing softball when I go off to college. However, if I do, and if it’s as much of a workout as it is for me now, they better have good quality HVAC in the dorms. You can bet that after a game the first thing I’ll be doing is getting back to my room and turning the thermostat down a lot.  

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