Clogged shower drains

My house is in chaos at certain times. Of course, to my three daughters and wife, everything probably seems just fine. They run the house and make sure I am aware of it at all times. Sometimes I think about what it would be like to have a son or two. I would feel more sane on the days where it gets extra hectic around the house. Instead of gluing pieces of a doll house back together, I would be building model trains or something like that. I love my daughters very much, but sometimes it becomes a bit much. The thing I like doing the least is clearing our drains of hair. I understand that my wife and daughters do not do this on purpose, but I am sick and tired of doing this every few months. I have tried to use cheap drain collectors, but nothing quite works like hiring a professional plumber and getting it taken care of that way. Sometimes I think that I should just put the plumber on speed dial because I deal with issues like this so often. I can’t imagine what some of my pipes look in my house. There must be so much hair trapped in parts of these pipes. I just wish that I could get these things cleared out on a regular basis for a fair price. I understand that the plumber must charge a fair price for his duties, but it can add up after awhile. It is what it is, though, and I will continue to hire him for all my jobs.

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