Climates and how it related to HVAC

Different climates call for different things.  Northerners like to buy winter coats, sweaters, boots, hats and gloves, while Southerners prefer to purchase things such as shorts, bathing suits, and beach towels.  Northerners are used to the cold so they are comfortable with keeping their homes at a lower temperature.  However, people in the South are not used to the cold, so they would prefer to have a warmer home – however, come the summer months, both climates can become hot, so the air conditioning seems to be pumping all over the nation during those hotter days.  However, air conditioners are not as common in the North as in the South – this is because only one month out of the year is warm.  This may equate to temperatures around 80 or so degrees, lasting for a few weeks, and then tapering back off into the low 50’s and 60’s.  This is why heating your home in Northern states is more common than in the South.  Southern states utilize air conditioning more because they enjoy cooler temperatures inside since it is always very hot in the South.  A proper HVAC system in both climates is imperative.  Also, without the proper care of the air conditioner and/or furnace, the likelihood of it breaking will increase.  This means that you will need an HVAC technician to come for an inspection, which can cost you time and money.  Also, in the off chance that the HVAC goes down, you will need to call for an urgent appointment.  Changing the air filters, keeping the HVAC system clean and regularly having your system serviced will help you keep your house at the perfect temperature, whether it be warmer because you are in the North, or cooler because you are in the South.

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