Childhood heating device

I recall as a child the aged space heaters we use to use to warm our house up. The biggest and fastest heater was the oven being started and the door left open. This trick would always warm our house up if the space heaters couldn’t keep up. I do not know how come, but I never heard my parents complain about the energy bill during that time frame. It either must have cost a king’s ransom and no one minded, or the monopolized energy companies have raised their monthly rates to an outrageous level. There is not a chance that my parents would open that oven door to warm their property up these days. They might go broke. Plus now they also have a wonderful central heating and air conditioning product. This HVAC keeps the home now either cool or heated, whatever temperature they desire, and also the monthly energy bill is reasonable for one’s home today. Still there is something about those old days and nights. Kids today will never know how your skin sticks to a space heater when your leg mistakenly touches it. Or the danger a space heater can hold should it be tipped over while it’s hot. Today’s heaters are built for safety and if they’ve been ever tipped over, most of today’s space heaters are created to automatically shut off. I wonder how many lives would have been rescued, if heaters had that feature during my childhood. Life goes on, with each age comes innovation, but my childhood memories huddled before our oven for warmth are perfect to me.

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