Child cooling

People constantly make jokes about things being a matter of life and death. In fact, I’d say a lot of the time when someone uses that phrase it isn’t a matter associated with life and death. If it truly were that serious, chances are they might say something else. But just earlier I had what really was a matter of life and death for me. It was a few weeks after the birth of my child, and my wife had arrived home from the hospital the day before. The day was brutally hot, and so of course, the air conditioner died. It didn’t just stop working or break. The central air conditioner actually let out a scream of grinding metal and then completely died. The sounds carried throughout all of the homes ducts, emerged from every air vent we had, and frightened the baby. That had been when the severity of the situation hit me, because a child that tiny and frail cannot survive an extremely hot summer day without an adequate cooling system. For grown-ups it’s uncomfortable. Heck, it might even cause heat stroke, but you do not need to have an air conditioner to survive. But such things as air quality are much more important for a newborn. I cursed myself for not having the HVAC system recently inspected. I hadn’t had an adequate A/C system inspection done in many years, but now that had to change. I found a local HVAC professional to line me up with a 12-month service plan, where the system maintenance would be done every few months.

HVAC maintenance