Changing my air filters

My roommate and I just relocated to the south from the north.  We met at our last job and have been inseparable ever since.  We like to do the same things, like the same type of music, and wanted to get out of the snowy frozen tundra that we were living in.  We searched and searched for jobs until we both found one that allowed us to be in the same city.  Also, the timing worked out perfectly because we were able to move down to our new city at the same time!  We have a great apartment that comes with lots of amenities.  My favorite is the pool, but a close second is the air conditioning.  Since we are living so much closer to the equator, it is always very hot and humid.  The air conditioning is a life saver and makes sleeping and doing anything inside bearable.  One day, we noticed that it was getting very hot in our apartment.  We decided to see if there was something wrong with the thermostat, so we changed the batteries and reset the entire thing.  No avail.  Since we didn’t have access to the HVAC unit itself, we called the maintenance man that lives in our building.  He came and looked at our system and noticed that our air filter was very dirty.  Thankfully, he had another air filter with him, so he was able to switch it out for a new one and the air conditioning instantly kicked back on.  I am very happy that it started working again – being that hot was not fun.  

furnace filter