Different types of heaters

The choices in today’s world are getting ridiculous. I wanted to buy my grandson an action figure from the toy store last week. I thought there would only be few to choose from. There were almost three aisles of action figures in that store. I had never heard of most of them. I finally just picked one and got out of there. The same type of thing happened to me last winter when I was forced to pick out a new heater after my old one finally quit. It served me well for 25 years but it was time for something new. I thought I would simply tell the HVAC technician to install another gas furnace in the basement, but it was so much more complicated than that. He gave me so many more choices like an electric furnace, a heat pump, a boiler and even heated floors. I was at a loss for words as he was listing these choices. I wanted to do some research on my own but I wasn’t very good at accessing the internet at that point. I’m much better now. However, I had my son look at some of the newest models and I finally decided to stick with a gas furnace. My new central heater is almost 25% more efficient than my old model was. That is simply incredible that technology has come this far in such a short amount of time. For the last year, I have enjoyed my state of the art furnace. I never knew HVAC equipment could be so awesome.heating equipment

Smart HVAC service

No one likes unexpected repairs or paying for unexpected repairs to HVAC systems. Having to have a heating or cooling system fixed in the middle of the season is something no one wants to deal with. It is generally very time consuming to set up an appointment to have the heating or cooling system repaired. Some companies charge higher prices in the middle of the season than they would at the beginning or end, so keep that in mind when putting off tune ups. When you schedule the repair, be sure to discuss with the company what services will be included in the price you will be paying. You want to make sure they will clean you system, including air ducts, and replace any parts that are damaged. Once a part is broken you will have to pay to have it replaced, it better (and cheaper) to have that done before it causes more problems with your heating or cooling system. Cleaning air ducts can only be done properly if you have the correct equipment. Many people prefer to not have maintenance work done on their systems if they are not having issues with their equipment. They do not want to spend money on something that is not even having problems. There are so many benefits to tune up appointments, including making your heating and cooling systems more efficient which will save you money overall.

efficient HVAC

Considerations when buying a HVAC system

Are you looking to buy a HVAC system? There are a few things to consider first. There is your location. Do you live where it gets really hot and really cold? Do you live where the weather is always the same? Your weather makes a difference. Some systems are meant to heat a home that handles negative temperatures. Some HVAC units are meant to only heat and cool a home with moderate weather changes. The climate has a lot to do with what system you get. The HVAC system could have not enough or too many capabilities. Also what kind of house do you have? Think about your home. Do you want your air conditioner to be a wall mounted unit? Some cooling systems are linked with ductwork. An older home cannot handle ductwork installation. You would be better off choosing a ductless air conditioning option or looking into high velocity air conditioning. Next think about the location. Your HVAC unit has to go somewhere. Do you want to hide the system in the basement? Do you want your furnace right in the living room? Decide where the system is going to be placed. Sometimes the system is two units that have to be close together. Your location needs to assist this. Some systems are forced air systems that try to heat and cool your whole home. The unit should be placed in a good spot. And lastly pick the system that suits your needs. Do you want one room or many rooms air conditioned? Choose what works best for you.heating and cooling


Have you ever gone on vacation to a tropical location? The air is so wet. I think that is way every tropical location has businesses and hotels with air conditioning. You cannot last really long when it is hot and humid out. The humidity makes everything feel warmer and more uncomfortable. Having too much moisture is a problem. I worry about my skin. I break out easily. I take extra good care of my skin. I have special soaps and face washes. I use astringent and an adult acne cream. I never want to have pimples or severe acne. I live where it is really humid out. Fighting acne is like a full time job. I need the air to be a little dryer. That is the main reason I bought a cooling system. Your air conditioner naturally dries the air. Dry air does not sound like a good thing. Too dry of air is a problem. When the air is just a little bit dry then it is okay. My skin does better when the cooling system is on. My home is much more comfortable and I do not sweat as much. Also air conditioning limits the amount of pests in your home. Your home could attract cockroaches and dust mites if the air is too wet. The air conditioning system will help remove these pests. But a cooling system only goes so far. Next look into a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier removes moisture in the air. It also helps get rid of the mold on your cooling coil. The dehumidifier also makes it less likely that your air ducts will get dusty.

Thinking about your air quality

Thinking about your breathing air does not happen a lot. I know I think about it when I am traveling. An airplane is the worst. When they close the doors the air is hot and suffocating. There are weird smells in the air. The air feels dirty and not pure at all. Your quality of air is important. Your air can affect you in ways you cannot even imagine. Too dry of air will give you skin issues. Your skin will dry out and you will get bloody noses. If the air is too moist then you will get bugs in your home. Mildew and mold also will grow in your home and air conditioner. Dirty air makes you sick. You will develop a cold and probably miss work. Contaminated air could potentially hurt you. How do we improve our air quality? There are humidifiers and dehumidifiers that handle your home’s moisture level. There is Ultraviolet lighting that can clean your air. There is HVAC maintenance that ensures your air is not contaminated. Carbon monoxide can be in your air without you knowing it. The gas is odorless and undetectable. Gas furnaces release a little bit of carbon monoxide. If the heating system is damaged then the carbon monoxide will go into your home. With regular HVAC maintenance there is no way your home would be contaminated. Your cooling system could develop mildew and fungi. Have your HVAC technicians clean your cooling system to remove this contamination. HVAC maintenance and cleaning are the best way to keep your air clean and pure.

HVAC in a hotel

It’s that time of the year again! That is right, it is wedding season. I love this time of the year. And no, I don’t enjoy it because I love celebrating two people’s love. I absolutely love it because I am a hotel owner in an area that is the home of hundreds of weddings each summer. I make most of my money in the summer because guests often decide to spend the night in my luxurious hotel. To make sure I was ready for this year, I had my entire hotel renovated over the last 8 months. The biggest thing I did was replace every room’s HVAC equipment. Sure, the heater is important in the winter months, but the air conditioner is really important for my guests during wedding season. Weddings typically happen during the summer. The summer is very warm around here. I need good air conditioners to keep up with the summer heat. So far, the new units have been a success. Many guests have left positive reviews online and at the front desk when they check out. I can only imagine that the new cooling equipment has something to do with all of this. At first, I was hesitant to spend a bunch of money on new cooling equipment. It’s not that flashy. However, I am glad I finally made that decision. I’m sure my guests will not hesitate to book another trip with us in the future because the air conditioner made their room so comfortable this summer. Well, at least I hope that’s what they think!

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Window tints

Windows are responsible for up to 28% of your cooling load.  When sun beats in your windows, your house heats up.  Residential window tint helps with sun control.  Window tints also offer privacy.  They reduce glare and avoid hot spots in  your home.  The installation of residential window tints provide energy savings, as well as UV protection.  Consider window tints as a weatherization tool.  You can save up to 30% off utility bills by lowering heating and cooling costs.  Your HVAC systems will have less work to do and consume less energy.  Window tinting is a stylish addition to your home that helps reduce fading of fine furnishings.  They consist of a thin, virtually invisible shield on existing windows.  Window tint adds security to the home, boosts comfort and improves window safety.  If glass is broken, the window tint holds the glass shards together.  Regular glass offers no protection against UV rays, which can cause aging and skin cancer.  UVA rays penetrate glass all year round.  It can cause irreparable damage to furniture, artwork, and photographs.  The simple and affordable installation of window tint blocks over 99% of harmful light.  According to the EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual, about half of a home’s utility bills are wasted by loss of heat and heat gain through untreated windows.  The installation is quick and mess-free.  You’ll quickly recover the investment.  As a weatherization technique, window tints are an effective solution.  They enhance curb appeal and offer greater privacy.  You’ll be able to open blind and drapes, and enjoy the view without worrying about harmful glare.


How A/C improves your home

Have you given any thought to air conditioning?  Maybe you don’t want to invest in something that doesn’t seem absolutely necessary.  Maybe you’re willing to live with excess heat and humidity.  But there’s advantages to air conditioning that go beyond just keeping a nice and cool house.  For one thing, there’s bugs to think about.  Things like cockroaches, centipedes, and dust mites absolutely love hot, damp conditions.  When you’re house is hot and humid, you’re setting out a welcome mat for those insects.  Creating the perfect environment for dust mites means that there will be more of the them.  This results in more dust mite feces.  Just because they are too small to see, doesn’t mean they aren’t irritating your allergies and asthma.  And, they’re really disgusting.  Have you ever looked at an enlarged photo of a dust mite?  You don’t want these things crawling around in your bedding and carpets.  Air conditioning also lets you keep the windows of the house firmly closed and latched.  This creates superior security.  You can maintain a comfortable home, and keep windows locked, even when you aren’t at home.  You’ll discourage bugs, intruders, and avoid traffic noise, exhaust fumes, and road grit.  These unwelcome problems come right inside through window screens.  Your home will be cleaner and healthier.  A modern cooling system offers the advantage of filtration.  It traps airborne contaminants, such as dander, pollen, and dust, that would otherwise pollute your breathing air.  Surfaces in the home will be noticeably cleaner as well.  A central air system improves the usability and enjoyment of your home.HVAC technician

Bedroom air conditioning

When my son told me he was bringing me a portable air conditioner, I wasn’t thrilled.  I like open windows.  I enjoy the smell and feel of fresh air coming into the house.  He said the air conditioner would help me sleep better at night.  I didn’t believe him.  I didn’t plan on ever using it.  My son brought the air conditioner.  It was not the large and ugly unit I was expecting.  It is very compact and the exterior is white and sleek-looking.  It fit quite nicely in my bedroom window.  My son installed it in a matter of minutes.  He then shut my other windows and closed the door.  I knew I was going to hate this.  He showed me how to operate the air conditioner.  The features were very simple and easy to understand.  I can set the temperature and determine fan speed.  I can program the cooling system to start up or shut down at certain times.  I can also run it on energy saving mode for lower cost of operation.  That night was very hot and humid.  When I stepped inside my bedroom, I couldn’t believe how wonderfully cool it felt.  Instead of tossing and turning all night, I slept soundly.  Instead of sweating, I was completely comfortable under the blankets.  The sound of the air conditioner running is just loud enough to block out the barking of the neighbor’s dog.  I also didn’t hear traffic sounds or birds chirping.  I love my new air conditioner.  I really like the handy remote, because I can change settings without getting out of bed.A:C service

Investing in air quality

Have you ever wanted to be someone else? You find that you often envy the things they have. You may even envy their whole life. You wish your life was different and that their life could be yours. In my opinion, I think that we all have these types of people in our lives. I know I do. When I think about them it actually makes me sad. I then think of my HVAC system and it makes me a little happier. I have such a great system. The air quality in my home is nearly perfect. It is probably as perfect as it could get. I have invested a lot of my to have good air. I have great heating and cooling equipment along with a humidifier and dehumidifier built right into it. This means I don’t ever deal with dry skin, cracked furniture, bugs, or peeling walls. There are so many benefits to having the humidity controlled in your home. I also have an air purifier. This gets rid of dirt and dust that gets past the air filters. It really ensures that I have the cleanest air that I can have. It uses a UV light that kills microorganisms such as bacteria that we often find makes us sick. I have not been sick in a long time. I consider myself lucky to have such good air quality. I also have zone control that allows me to heat and cool specific areas of my home. I can control different areas to have different temperatures. If I were someone else, I would envy me.

UV light purifier