camping and quality HVAC

The very last place I want to spend my vacation is in the outdoors. A lot of my close friends enjoy going hiking and camping on their time off, and they will even take weeks of PTO to be out on camping trips. However, this is simply not my way to relax. When I take time away from work, I wish to relax in a comfortable home where I have access to an air conditioner in lieu of being out in the wilderness where I could potentially die from the heat. I know this makes me seem like I don’t love adventures and great escapes, but that’s not true. I just would rather enjoy the scenery and then have a good rental home to retreat to after the adventure. I’m very hooked on my HVAC system at dwelling, and I really appreciate to be able to adjust the temperature by changing my thermostat. I know that I would have a very hard time getting to sleep in a tent that didn’t have some kind of A/C system, so because of this, I try to avoid outdoor living. My friends beg me to go out in nature with them constantly, but I always have to refuse. They seem to think that they might be able to win me over if they are able to just convince me to take one long trip, but I don’t foresee this happening ever. I know myself very well, and I know my restrictions and what I am able to get over. Camping and nature is just not for me. I need an air conditioner, a warm shower room, and a hot meal so as to relax and enjoy myself.

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