Buying my first house

Once I graduated from college I was able to find a job pretty quickly, and I was able to find a house soon as well. My mother told me that I needed to make sure I had the HVAC system looked at before I signed any papers, but I didn’t listen to her. I found this really cute house that was just in my price range so I signed the papers on it, and then once I moved in I had the HVAC system looked at. After they come out I wished I had listened to my mother, I needed to replace the whole system. I was really unhappy hearing this because I didn’t have the money since I had just bought the house. I wished I had more money saved, but I didn’t. I live in a southern state and I had to live through a southern summer without a working AC and then I had to go through winter without a working heater. I was so miserable, and I couldn’t wait to get the money together that I needed. Once I finally got the money together I was so happy when I could call the HVAC company to set up a time and day to come out and replace the HVAC unit. I was so excited when they left and I was able to turn on the AC unit. I called my mother after I got the HVAC unit replaced and told her that she right, I let her know that the next time I got a house I would make sure to have the HVAC unit looked at before I signed any papers.

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