Buying a new hot water tank

I have been noticing lately that my water, my faucets and shower head are certainly not very warm. At most, the pool temperature gets lukewarm. I don’t mind that sometimes, but there are definitely times where having hot water is necessary. For example, I need it to clean the dishes. The hot water is what helps remove the germs from leftover food and additionally waste. Without hot water, absolutely nothing is actually getting completely clean. Also, hot water is a necessity when choosing a shower. Taking a cold shower can be alright every so often but really only when it’s actually a scorching hot day outdoors. I need hot water when it is a cold winter day and I’m sure freezing. Taking a cold shower when you are already cold is awful. I called a plumber and explained this to him. He came to my home looking at my hot water tank. He told me my water tank was old and needed to be replaced. I asked him why and he explained that a hot water tank is what stores the domestic hot water at that specific temperature and that without it, there is no hot water. My hot water tank is so old and broken, so it is no longer heating up the water. I understood what he was saying and decided to buy a new one. The plumber made suggestions that sounded very interesting. If it wasn’t for her, I’d still be taking chilly plumbing