Bugs crawling in air ducts

Seems like my father has been telling me what to do throughout my life in the back of my head. He was a constant method to obtain information and he always thought he had the best case scenario information available. Just once I wish he could be proved wrong. I had been renting an old house for over a year and most of the time I had been doing very well. Recently, I noticed an awful smell in the entire house. It was winter and the weather started to show, so I kicked in my HVAC heating system. I thought it was basically just musty air filtering through and then I remembered I forgot to have the HVAC technician out to the home to do a service check. I am sure the smell was just dusty vents that must be cleaned and I would just have to replace the filter. He said he couldn’t get there for a couple days and I continued to utilize the heater for I just thought it was dusty air. As each day passed, I am not about to lie, it seemed like it was extremely smelly. When the HVAC technician walked within the house on Friday, he looked right at me and claimed, ‘you have stink bugs, ’ My own stomach just turned, I couldn’t trust it and was so disgusted. When he checked the grills, however, there was nothing in that respect there. So, he took the next step which I knew would definitely cost me, the ductwork. They had infested the over-all ductwork and it all must be replaced. I just kept hearing my dad’s voice around my head, ‘I told you’

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