Broken air conditioner at restaurant for anniversary dinner

Last month, my entire family went out to dinner for my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary.  With all my brother and sisters, along with their spouses and children, there was nineteen of us at the restaurant.  We chose a place that we knew was a bit expensive, but was well-known for the beautiful atmosphere and good service.  When we arrived for our reservation, I was impressed with the table linens, overhead chandeliers, live piano music, and fresh flowers on each table.  Although the cost was rather high, the food was absolutely amazing.  I particularly loved the homemade carrot cake for dessert.  Unfortunately, there was one problem that just about ruined our evening.  This was the middle of July, and the outside temperature was in the high eighties with extreme humidity.  The restaurant felt overheated and sticky.  At first, I thought that the management just needed to turn down the thermostat a bit.  I finally asked our server if it would be possible to bump up the air conditioning.  We were then told that the air conditioner had malfunctioned during the afternoon, and a licensed HVAC contractor was on the way.  They expected the air conditioning to be repaired by the time we finished our meal.  We were at the restaurant for several hours, and never saw any signs of an HVAC repair technician.  By the time we left, my whole family was damp with sweat and fanning themselves.  We probably won’t return to that particular restaurant just because of the problem with the air conditioner.  Wherever we decide to go, I will call ahead and make sure the cooling unit is operating properly.

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