Bit of a baby about AC

A classic expression is mind over matter. It means that by using the power of your mind you can actually accomplish anything and overcome any obstacle. Using the mantra associated with mind over matter, people are generally able to shut out great levels of pain. They were able to lift a car off their trapped child. People have performed some feats which almost border on super human. They are doing it because their mind believes they’re able to. So, if a woman can give birth alone, then, certainly, I should be able to overcome the heat when my A/C is broken. I am afraid to admit that I’m a baby when it comes to heat and air. During the summer calendar months, I try to stay indoors whenever possible, preferably right next to certain air vents. Me and the heat fail to get along, and even in the cold months I never operate my furnace. I can overcome the cold, but when the A/C shuts down, all I can do is sit and sweat. It’s pretty ridiculous, but if I use mind over matter maybe I will trick my body into helping to make it’s own cooling system. I’ve been working on sitting with my eyes closed and mentally focusing on what it’s like to stand in the path of the central air vent for a great HVAC system. I envision that thermostat, and the feeling of cold air all over me. It has not worked as of yet, but if I can trick my brain into making this body feel air conditioned, it’ll be the ultimate energy saving idea!

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