Benefits of a water softener

During a routine service check of my home’s plumbing system, my plumber mentioned that the hard water was starting to show damage to the system’s pipes.  While I know what hard water is, I had never realized that it was something that could damage my plumbing system’s pipes.  I had always thought that hard water was full of great nutrients for my body.  But my plumber explained to me that hard water can cause extreme damage over time to your plumbing system.  There are small fixes to repair the pipes from hard water damage, but he suggested that I look into a water softener.  I decided to do some of my own research before I made any rash decisions.  After reading about water softeners, I thought that this would be the best option to rid my home of hard water.  The softener would eliminate the minerals in hard water that cause so much damage, iron, magnesium, calcium and manganese.  My plumber was able to install a water softener for me and it has made a world of difference.  My dishes are much cleaner, the colors on my clothes are more vibrant, and the household appliances are in better working order.  My dishwasher, washing machine, and coffeemaker were frequent culprits of hard water.  Plus, the damage already done to my plumbing system will now improve with the water softener.  I only wish that I would’ve had this great item installed sooner.  If you think that hard water is damaging your home, you should definitely get in touch with your local plumbing company. water quality